How to avoid

Imagine you have found a popular online casino, read reviews, checked the license and decided to play in it. How not to do something stupid to get your desired jackpot? Study carefully the simple instructions that all experienced players know.

Registering a new account

  • First tip

    The first step is to make sure that you have not previously had an account on this casino platform. Creating a second account will be a reason to not pay you money.

  • Second tip

    When filling out the registration form, enter only your real name, mail and phone number. Sooner or later you will have to send a scan of your passport and receive SMS. The specified e-mail and phone number should not be used in any other casino under a different name.

  • Third tip

    Pay special attention to the correct spelling of your e-mail and full name. Experienced players create a new e-mail for each new casino, but it is recommended to use the mailbox to which your e-wallet is linked.

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Are online casino safe to play?

How to use casino bonuses safely

In a highly competitive environment, online casinos lure new customers with bold welcome sign-up bonuses.


It is very tempting to get a hundred free spins or +100% on your first deposit.


Almost all stories about account banishing and money confiscation are associated with abuser – people who try to repeatedly use greeting bonuses of casino or some kind of no deposit promotions.


They set up many accounts, use the passports of relatives and friends. The casino security service usually maintains a sophisticated system to identify abusers and suppress their activities.


For one home address, IP address, email, phone number, payment system account bonuses can be received by only one person. The normal player shouldn’t worry about this, but you should be aware of the pitfalls of sweet casino offers.


Unlike the promotions of standart gambling halls, all online casino bonuses have many restrictions and conventions. Always clarify: the timing of the bonus offer and the wagering rules. Pay special attention to the lists of allowed games and the bet limit when wagering the bonus. Many casinos easily give bonuses, but they take advantage of the fact that players are too lazy to carefully read the bonus policy section and they involuntarily make mistakes: they enter a prohibited slot or play several bets more than allowed. These violations may be enough to cancel a successfully wagered bonus.

When playing for bonus funds, control the list of allowed slots and the allowed bet size. Normal casinos limit these parameters automatically, but many others use these difficulties against the player.


In most cases, with an active bonus, you cannot create withdrawal requests. Remember, when the casino adds its bonus to your money, then in the games your real money is deducted first of all – the bonus funds are left at the end. Therefore, further cancellation of the bonus may nullify your account. You will have to twist all the money to the end, trying to complete the space wager.


Refusal of any casino bonuses may be associated with the need to find the appropriate section in your profile or by contacting the support chat. There are casinos that are doing their best to tie your hands and almost forcibly give out penny bonuses for any deposit of funds.

If you got to know all of the instructions, then you are ready for sure to provide any scans of your passport, selfies, bank statements, utility bills or screenshots of e-wallets tabs to the casino.


The most sophisticated checks include Skype conferences and answering questions about your game. Banal excuses about the workload of the finance department or the security department are the last hope of the casino to get you back into the game. Keep your stand and methodically bombard the casino with a question about the reasons for the delay in payments in chat and e-mail.


Save all correspondence and take screenshots of payment history and balance status. These are the necessary preventive measures for filing complaints in the event of a conflict situation.


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